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Pressure rockets need no batteries or fuel. Making one does not require expensive materials either. If you have ever built plastic models or paper airplanes, you'll be right at home. A simple pressure rocket can be easily built out of an empty Coke or lemonade plastic bottle. Partly filled with water and compressed air, the rocket can be blasted high up in the air. A well constructed pressure rocket can fly up to 100-150 feet in the air. Unless they land on hard surfaces, they can be reused several times. A bicycle pump is used to re-energize the launcher. Make sure the rocket is launched in an open space and not pointed to any other person, animal or object. It’s so much fun you will want to do it over and over again!

As you pump air into the rocket partly filled with water, the air pressure inside the rocket increases. This compressed air works like a compressed spring. The compressed air pushes the water out of the rocket. But it’s the water which is heavier than air that gives the rocket the main kick forward. Now as the air pressure in the rocket shoots water downward, an equal amount of pressure is pushing upward, lifting the rocket higher. This is called thrust.

We all have heard of Newton's laws of motion. Isaac Newton was the 17th century British scientist whose ideas about gravity and other forces transformed science. A simple rocket powered by air or water pressure may be used to demonstrate thrust and Newton’s Law’s. The water pressure rocket demonstrates two of his laws.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The water moves one way and the bottle goes the opposite way.
The same amount of force can accelerate a heavy object slowly or a light object more quickly. The water is much heavier than the empty plastic bottle.

Pressure Rocket Events are a great summertime activity to do in school, in your playground, in camps, or even with your family. Rocksport can teach you more about this amazing science of rocketry. Rocksport will help you build and launch your own water rockets that are propelled with water and air pressure. Making pressure rockets is a half-day activity. It offers both fun and challenge. It’s an excellent science project for children, and can make for great entertainment. You can learn to build and fly 2-litre bottle rockets in just a few short hours. They are perfect for younger children because they are relatively safe, are easy to build, and do not require permits to launch. They also help the environment since these rockets can be made from recycled materials. Explore this fun event with Rocksport and share the thrill of seeing your rockets fly skyward.

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