Wilderness, unplugged! Watch animals up close in their natural habitat.

The word ‘safari’ originates from the Arabic verb ‘safara’, meaning to make a journey. A safari is about getting close to nature, and simplicity. You will either be enthralled by its simple comforts or you may just be appalled. A safari is at its heart an adventure. This will not be like any holiday you have had before. And it is certainly not your sleep-in, lie-about–the-beach style holiday. It is more akin to the adventures of an fearless explorer. You will be prodded awake at 5 am, made to walk, paddle or suffer countless miles on a bumpy track in order for look for what. No one can say exactly! Each day brings its own rewards and excitement, and learning too.

For those who value being in the great outdoors, India has something special, something unique. India is home to many wild animals and rare birds. Some of the excellent ways Rocksport can help you get up close and personal with a wildlife experience are through Jeep Safaris, Elephant Safaris, and Camel Safaris. The essence of safari is not just about seeing wildlife. It’s also about the dramatic landscapes, the people and culture.

A fun way to get close to wildlife is atop an elephant. Many of India’s own parks have their own working elephants which can be hired for safaris into areas that are inaccessible to jeeps and walkers. On an elephant safari, you might find even yourself just metres away from a growling Tiger. Elephant safaris are much less disturbing to wildlife than noisy jeeps. For the more adventurous take your own sleeping bag, be prepared to pitch your own tent and prepare dinner while sitting around the campfire and listening to the sounds of the night.

If you can’t find an elephant to ride then the best way to travel is by jeep, which takes 5 people. A Jeep safari gives you a good chance of seeing a Tiger from a centre. An attentive personal guide who knows every animal and every bird or wildflower you see will accompany you. The best time to visit is between October and April. The national parks in India are closed during monsoon months i.e. July to September. Wildlife Jeep Safaris take place in the early morning and late afternoon. The mornings can be cold, so bring some warm clothes.

If you want the perfect snapshot of the exotic essence of India, you can do it the way the ancient traders did. On a camel back! Known as the “ship of the desert”, camel treks are popular in the sand-dune deserts of western Rajasthan, especially Jaisalmer, also known for its forts. Multi day safaris are popular in Rajasthan, typically starting from Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Khuri or Osiyan with camps set up each night beneath the stars. For the fit and the hardy, the camel safari could be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Short joy rides are also possible in those places as well as in Pushkar, Shekhawati and near Hunder. A Camel Safari is a welcome change from sitting in the vehicle, and affords the adventourous tourist the oppurtunity to experience the Indian outdoors first hand. Be well prepared from the hot sun with a hat, effective sunscreen and repellent cream to discourage the insects.

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