Rocksport’s approach to experiential adventure is what makes it’s training so exceptional. In Rocksport adventure camps, learning is hands-on. Participants are asked to “walk” rather than merely “talk” their behaviours. It simply means that you are asked to take an active role in the flow of your adventure, learn new skills, cook meals, navigate, set up camp and meet as a group to plan and organize each day. The primary goal of our adventure camps is to create an environment where you discover and create for your own outcomes, and emerge as responsible individuals. Rocksport encourages you to go out into the world, the outdoors, where you can enjoy a variety of stimulating activities and challenges which will encourage you to contribute to the best of your ability to ensure the success of your group's activities. Rocksport believes that people will only value the world they live in if they can experience it first-hand.

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