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You can't really pilot a hot air balloon along an exact course and is carried along the direction of the flowing wind. There is little control over its flight and direction. The only control the pilot has over the balloon is by the means of heating the air by burning propane for rising further up and releasing or deflating the air from the balloon in small amounts to help it descend. So, unlike flying an airplane, hot air balloon piloting is largely improvised.

A hot air balloon can hold as many as 10 people, and enjoyed by people of all age groups. Modern hot air balloons fly at a height of 100 to 800 meters (328 - 2,624 ft) above the ground, depending on the size. Once airborne, spectacular views are guaranteed, a privilege which only the bird’s share. You are literally on the top of the world.
either as a sport or recreation. It is one of the most serene, enjoyable activities you can ever experience in outdoors.

Hot air balloon was the earliest flying vehicle invented by man to take people into the sky. Do you know that the first passengers in a hot air balloon were animals! A sheep, a duck and a rooster were carried in a basket attached to a balloon. This balloon flight took place in 1783 in France. It was the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Etienne, who created this airborne machine from paper and linen and powered it by fire. It ran for eight minutes.

Ever since, and many improvisations later, millions across the world have enjoyed flying in a hot air balloon either as a sport or recreation. It is one of the most serene, enjoyable activities you can ever experience in outdoors.
Today, balloon races and festivals are popular International sports aviation events held annually in many places throughout the year. Hot air balloons of all shapes, sizes and colours, attract hundreds of balloon pilots and thousands of spectators from around the world. A tethered hot air balloon is popular for short rides and fun, perfect for family outing.

The best time for hot air ballooning is from October to March when the temperature becomes cooler. The cold climate makes the hot air inside the balloon lighter and enables it to rise and stay up for a longer period. In the cooler months you may want a jacket during the morning but it will not be any cooler in the balloon than it is on the ground. Also, don't forget your camera or video! There will be many photo opportunities during your ballooning experience.

For a comfortable ballooning experience, we recommend that you wear relaxed clothes. Sturdy shoes or boots is recommended. A cap and sunglasses are also useful. With Rocksport, you can enjoy hot air ballooning in Delhi, Rishikesh, Haridwar and the valley of Dehradun. Other popular places for hot air ballooning in India include Agra in Uttar Pradesh and Pushkar, Baneshwar, and Nagaur in Rajasthan.

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