The next best thing to being a bird! It’s less scary than it looks
If you want to experience the thrill of skydiving, but not quite ready to jump dive 4000 feet, then parasailing will give you wings.

In parasailing, basically, a person is harnessed to a chute, which functions like wings. Being a popular outdoor sport, it can be enjoyed either on land or water. On land, a jeep is being used to tow you airborne, while on water, a motorboat. The experience goes like this: In parasailing, basically, a person is harnessed beneath a parachhute-like contraption, which functions like wings. Being a popular outdoor sport, it can be enjoyed either on land or water. The experience goes like this: You sit in a swing seat at the end of a parachute, called as a parasail. It’s attached by a winch and rope to a specially designed motorised vehicle (a speed boat over water and a jeep over land) to get you airborne. With the help of the launch crew the vehicle idles out into the wind until the towline is taut and completely extended. The vehicle then reels you out to an altitude of 200 to 300 feet. The actual flight takes 8 to 15 minutes and the altitude is controlled by the vehicle’s speed.

Parasailing began in the 1960's when Piere Lamoigne attached already existing parachute to a car. In those days, it was a cheaper way to teach parachuters. They would raise them at a certain height and then, let them free. The method was called parascending. Today, parasailing is a safe recreational sport. The sheer thrill and excitement of being airborne has made parasailing a popular family sport. It is definitely the kind of activity that your family could all enjoy. It’s grand. It’s fun. Nothing beats the feeling as you try to soar in the sky like a kite hundreds of feet above the ground and take a good view of the world in air.

Rocksport provides the experience of Parasailing in Delhi throughout the year except in monsoon season. As for training, there isn’t much. Our instructors will probably cover the basics on the ground including how fast you would be going, what signals to give, and how long you will be up in the air. For safety reasons, a flyer should wear a helmet, a life vest, and foot protection which we will provide.

Parasailing is a thrilling sport. If you are not quite convinced then check your pulse after doing Parasailing. In fact anyone can do parasailing, including the young, old, and physically challenged. You can enjoy parasailing at our camp site near Delhi or even at your door step. All we would need is a clearance for the permission for flying. We would be able to organise this for you for as low as Rs. 12,000 at our Camp site for 4hrs. Kids as young as five can enjoy parasailing safely along with an adult.

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