We are in the business of transforming lives. And we realise we cannot do that with a gloomy face. It’s a place for optimists and enthusiasts. For us, work is fun. We do make it a point though to deserve our fun. We are looking for people with passion, discipline and right intent. If you are the sort of person who enjoys the outdoors, loves people, good at heart, can be relied upon in a crisis, not fazed by hard work, gets inspired by inspiring others, then we invite you to join the party.

You could be anyone, an educator, photographer, mountaineer, scientist, advertising professional, dancer, artist…as long as you are willing to work with us and know your craft well. Apart from emoluments, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and unlearn.

We always have vacancies for the right people and right attitude, with or without experience. Feel free to get back to us at saunak@rocksport.in or call us at +919540090991.
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